The emphatic moon ascends...

...the brilliant challenger of rocket experts, the white hope of communications men.

quoting Robert Hayden - The full moon


I can see the lights of home...

...Shining brightly o’er the foam,
Beckon to me while I roam
Away from lights of home.


For Eamonn and Marian x


All along the coast as far as anyone could see...

...the world was washed again and swish and free.

Quoting "Sandycove" by Hay Machine

Just wanted to say I'm afraid my window view has been pretty boring the last while, photo wise, the good weather means we have blue sea and blue sky, so I have been taking photos while out and about! 


Does ya want the moon to play with...

...or the stars to run away with? Lulla lulla lulla lulla bye.

As sung to Mary 1997-todate


The charmed ocean's pausing...

...The waves lie still and gleaming, and the lull'd winds seem dreaming.

quoting Shelly


I cannot see the train...

...I'll look away,
and silence it with the heels of my hands,

I cannot see the train
It frightens me,
It stole my little constant, my friend,
like some green beetle devil thing.

No more tip tip taps on the kitchen floor,
no more fairy bells as she comes rushing in,
no little snores upon my bed,
No more. My little constant,
my little friend.


~ Bo ~