There may be rain...


  1. Hey, I'm a new reader of your blog and I was wondering at what angle do you take these pictures?
    Are you high up when you take them or are you at ground level?

    It must be wonderful by the sea. It must be very peaceful.

  2. I'm high up, an upstairs window. I do sometimes change the perspective in post edit if I want to show one particular aspect more. :)

    It is lovely to live by the sea, I'm very lucky.

  3. Your pirctures are very beautiful.

    I am from Italy so forgive me if my english is not good.

  4. Beautiful! When I saw this evening's glorious sunset, I thought of you, and wondered if you would post a picture of it. But now I see that this is a morning photo...

  5. Wow! That must look frightening when there are storms!

  6. That would be a great place for a painter to live. Those ever changing waves and clouds would look stunning on canvas.
    I do illustrations for a living so I envy your very inspiring place by the sea. You pictures however inspire me alot for my work so I'll probably be a regular visitor!

  7. Mimi - THe sun sets behind me so sometimes the evening sky is quite plain over the sea. :)

    Anon - I did a post when we had a storm... it was frightening.

    Regina - Thats such a lovely comment, I wish I could paint! I have to stick with nature as the artist as me as the reporter. :)


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